Being a Freelancer / No longer a Full-Time employee

Freelancing is an easiest way to start own business, but same time, you will owe unlimited liability.

In addition, if you are a foreigner, it is essential to make sure your status of residence (visa) requirements.

What should I do if I become a freelancer with few business contracts while I still have a valid working visa which was granted when I was full-time employee?

First of all, according to the immigration services agency official, some visas (status of residences) are not exclusive to full-time employees (some people says this is a de facto “self-sponsor visa”).

Whether a full-time employee or freelancer, it is essential to notify a job change to the Minister of Justice (i.e. the regional immigration bureau) within 14 days. This procedure is called “Notification on the contracting organization”.

Instead of providing information about new employer, it is essential to provide a detail of each new business contract in case of freelancer.

If you have a business contract with multiple organizations, you need to submit a notification for each contract. You need to notify when you sign a new business contract. In addition, it is essential to provide a detail of organization as well as an activity under new contract with them. Likewise every time your existing contract ends, you need to notify too.

Your current visa will be valid as long as your freelance activity stay the same as an activity permitted under a current visa.

What happens if a language teacher with a status of residence “Specialist in Humanities/International Services” needs to apply for Extension of Period of Stay, however he/she is no longer working as a full-time employee but juggling several part-time teaching position at the language school?

Once again, this status of residence is not exclusive to full-time employees.

They will also take freelancers with a business contract or two as well as those who works as a part-time for several organizations into consideration.

Yet, it is essential for applicants to file a number of supporting evidences showing he/she works and earns as much as full time employees dose.

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