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Before contacting us …

The Immigration Service Agency and their affiliated organisation offers a free information service as follows.

  • Immigration Information Center; 0570-013904
  • Consultation Support Center for Foreign Residents; 03-3202-5535

Please also refer to our “Useful Information : Immigration procedures and Visa (Status of Residence)” page.

About consultation appointment

Consultation fee (spending up to 1 hour or giving equivalent advises) starts from 5,500 yen including tax.

We recommend to complete the comment form on this web page prior to make a consultation appointment.


According to the Gyoseishoshi Lawyers Association’s survey about fees (Japanese only), the average fee for visa application support is as follows;

  • Working visa (new): 119,642 yen
  • Working visa (change): 87,566 yen
  • Working visa (renewal): 50,193 yen
  • Business Manager visa (new): 170,503 yen
  • Business Manager visa (change): 133,988 yen
  • Business Manager visa (renewal): 64,050 yen
  • Spouse visa (new): 110,271 yen
  • Spouse visa (change): 84,903 yen
  • Spouse visa (renewal): 43,895 yen
  • Permanent Residency: 122,924 yen

Since each applicant is unique, your fee can be much different from above mentioned average fees. Because of this, it is better to provide details about yourself when you quote your fee.

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