Business Manager visa or Tokyo Startup visa?

If you already have Permanent Resident visa, Spouse visa, or Long-term Resident visa, you can start your own business in Japan.

Otherwise, you need a “Business Manager” visa

1 Business Manager visa

In general, you need to set up your business before applying for Business Manager visa.

Therefore, many foreign entrepreneurs often chose to setup a business with Japanese partner. Otherwise, it is essential to visit Japan several times for a business setup.

Business Manager visa requirements

(1) You need to invest 5,000,000 yen for your business in Japan

It can be a capital for your new company in Japan. Alternatively, you can invest 2,500,000 yen and employ 1 local resident as a full-time worker, or employ 2 local residents as a full-time worker.

(2) You need a business office

  • Virtual Office, Co-working Space = No
  • Home Office = depending on its structure, rent agreement …

(3) You should have a management experience more than 3 years

A postgraduate business degree will be considered as a management experience (e.g. MBA = 2 years).

(4) A business plan is also essential and important

The immigration will check if your business seemingly has “Stability” and “Continuity”.

2 Tokyo Startup visa

Tokyo Metro Government have been designated as the National Strategic Special Zones by the national government. As part of that, Tokyo offers a special program (外国人創業人材受入促進事業) which can ease various hurdles which many foreign entrepreneurs faced. The program helps you obtaining a business manager visa (for 6 months) to setup a new business.

Tokyo Startup visa = Business Manger visa for 6 months

You don’t need to set up your business before applying for Business Manager visa, but you need to set up your business before this startup visa being expired. Otherwise, it will be difficult to renew a business manager visa.

At the moment, those who has a current mid-long term residency (other than “Student” visa) are not eligible to apply this program. For more details, please refer to Tokyo Metro Government’s website.

Please note that basically applicants are required to visit the application desk (Business Development Center TOKYO) in person and application documents will not be accepted by mail or other method. However, Gyoseishoshi Laywers are authorized to file application documents on behalf of applicants.

If you need a professional advice and support for your business related visa application, please contact Visa and Beyond by Takatsuka Office by using our inquiry form.

Consultation including professional advice starts from 5,500 yen, while Business related visa such as Business Manager visa, Tokyo Startup visa, visa for Freelancer starts from 110,000 yen.

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